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History of DKgold

History of DKgold

DKgold is the international Branch of Doijer & Kalff. Doijer & Kalff was founded as a small, independent bank in 1825. Doijer & Kalff was already known then as a reliable, independent guardian of valuable assets and a specialist in precious metals. The core values of Doijer & Kalff have remained unchanged: discretion, integrity and personal attention.


In 1825, the company was founded with the goal of conducting the business of a banker, cashier, securities commissionaire and insurance agent.


In 1865, the incorporation act was signed by Jacob Jurriaan Doijer, Gerrit Jurriaan Kalff and Bernardus Daniël Dwars, all commissionaires in Zwolle, for the partnership under the name of Doijer & Kalff in Zwolle, the Netherlands


In 1878, an agreement was signed between Jacob Jurriaan Doijer and Jacob Kallf, , concerning the continuation of the existing partnership under the name of Doijer & Kalff with a concept act of withdrawal of Jacob Jurriaan Doijer.


In 1890, a partnership act was signed between Jacob Kalff and Willem Anne van Heuven, with an excerpt and with a concept for an extension.


In 1910, an act was signed in which Jacob Kalff and Willem Anne van Heuven declared to include Leonard Hendrik Willem Kalff as a working partner in the existing partnership under the name of Doijer & Kalff.


In 1918, an incorporation act was signed for the NV Bank of Doijer & Kalff. The NV Bank of Doijer & Kalff was founded in Zwolle on November 11, 1917 by Jacob and Leonard Hendrik Willem Kalff and Willem Anne van Heuven, all bankers and securities commissionaires in Zwolle.

The company’s capital was ƒ 1,000,000,-, divided into 1000 shares of ƒ 1000,-. At the start, 350 shares were placed and paid in full. 150 of these were in the name of the Amsterdamsche Bank. Operations began on January 1, 1918.

The management of the company was in the hands of two or more directors under the supervision of a board of at least three commissioners. Willem Anne van Heuven and Leonard Hendrik Willem Kalff were appointed as the first directors, and Jacob Kalff, Adrianus Johannes van Hengel and Maurits Enschede were appointed as the first commissioners.

The participation of the Amsterdamsche Bank was increased to 50% in November 1924 after a new placement of ƒ 150,000 in that year. In May 1941, the Amsterdamsche Bank acquired the remaining half of the outstanding shares.

On January 2, 1950, a branch of the Amsterdamsche Bank was opened in the Bank of Doijer & Kalff building, and the accounts of Doijer & Kalff were transferred to the Amsterdamsche Bank.


In 1953, the name of Bank of Doijer & Kalff NV was changed to NV Investment Company of Doijer & Kalff in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


In 1997, under the management of ABN-AMRO, Doijer & Kalff discontinued traditional banking services.


In 2009, ABN-AMRO stopped the activities of Doijer & Kalff.


In 2010, Doijer & Kalff was continued by a group of private investors with great respect for the reserved banking mentality with which Doijer & Kalff was originally founded.


In 2011, The infrastructure is being restored to its former glory. Heavy-duty safe deposit boxes are offered in Frankfurt, Zurich, Dubai, and Hong Kong. In addition, a permit from the AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) is being applied for to offer investment objects. Doijer & Kalff established DKgold as our international branch


In 2012, the safe deposit boxes are housed in a separate storage company, and the SNS Bank branch in Hilversum is taken over.


In 2013, ABN-AMRO stops offering physical gold and its delivery. The customers of ABN-AMRO for the storage or sale of physical gold and silver are taken over. The former Twentse Bank branch at Blaak 28 in Rotterdam is taken over for the sale of precious metals and the rental of safe deposit boxes. Hollandse Bank Unie N.V. discontinues its activities due to the takeover by Deutsche Bank. A portion of the customers are housed at Doijer & Kalff.


In 2014, an increase in business customers using the service of the trading desk. Hedging and trading on the market is made possible by a new system in which customers are able to place their orders directly.


In 2016, the exclusive sale of gold and silver bars in combination with storage in vaults in the Netherlands and Switzerland is launched.


The offer of VAT-free silver with storage in Switzerland is made.


More than 7000 customers trust DKgold with their wealth

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