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Current Silver Price

Silver price

On this page you will find more information about the current silver price. Below you may find the chart of the silver price. This is updated every minute.

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Protect your assets against inflation. Investing in silver has delivered a 10% average annual return over the last 20 years. Silver is becoming increasingly scarce and demand is increasing.

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What is the silver price?

The price of silver is based on that of the exchanges and is standardly expressed in dollars per troy ounce. One troy ounce equals 31.103 grams. 32 troy ounces are in a kilogram.


Is the current silver price high or low?

In the last 20 years, the silver price has moved between €130 and €940 per kg. The lowest point of €130 was reached in 2003. The highest point of €940 per kg was during the financial crisis in 2011. Read more about the silver price forecast.

To determine if the price is currently high or low, you may change the period in the chart. This way you could see the movement of the silver price in the past week, month, year, and 10 years.


How is the silver price determined?

The silver price is determined on the different exchanges where large amounts of precious metals are bought and sold. There are exchanges worldwide where the prices for different precious metals are determined. Due to the time difference between these places, this happens at several moments of the day.

At night, prices are determined on the exchanges in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Sydney. In the morning, this happens in Europe, in Zurich and London. Later in the day, it’s the turn of the exchanges in New York.

The price you end up paying for your silver will slightly higher than the price you see on the exchanges. These prices are always related to each other, but due to production, transportation, and insuring the silver you buy in the form of coins and silver bars, the costs go up.

What is the current silver rate?

You find the most current silver price on our website. In the chart, you may view the price in different currencies and different weight units. The standard is dollar per troy ounce, but you could also view the rate in euros and grams. Which is very usefull if you want to invest in silver.

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