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Gold and silver since 1825

Physical precious metals, including storage

Would you like to safely invest in physical gold and silver? DKgold offers you the best platform. More than 30,000 customers preceded you at DKgold, the most reliable and stable partner since 1825.

Protection of your capital against inflation

Sell-back guarantee

Stored in your own name

Stored in one of the most secure vaults

Your partner in precious metals since 1825

Why buy precious metals?

Building up capital

Investing in precious metals is an excellent way of building up your capital. During the past 20 years, precious metals have performed extremely well.

Precious metals are very suitable for diversifying your investment portfolio. In addition, gold and silver are an excellent choice when it comes to building up your capital.

“Gold is money everything else is credit”

Protect your purchasing power

Protecting your purchasing power is more important than ever. Inflation is rising rapidly, causing a decrease in the value of your money. Ever since the gold standard was abolished, in 1971, the value of gold has gone up by an average 8% annually.

More and more wealthy individuals and companies are buying precious metals. The euro is currently losing 9% of its value annually. Protect your capital!

“Gold is the ultimate way to preserve generational wealth”

Buy physical precious metals

Physical precious metals cannot be printed, as is the case with the euro.

Precious metals are sustainable and available on a limited scale, making them a unique investment.

DKgold is your trusted partner for safely buying precious metals and storing your gold or silver in secure vaults.

“Gold because they can’t print it”

Possessing physical precious metals is a unique form of security.

Through thousands of years, precious metals have been used as a means of payment. Gold has always kept its value.

A hundred years ago, one troy ounce of gold would have bought you a custom-made suit, this still applies these days. The purchasing power of silver has remained nearly the same as well.

Physical precious metals


Return on investment


Owning precious metals: safe and easy with our account

Buying physical precious metals with DKgold as your reliable partner … easy does it!

You create an account, free of charge. After identifying yourself and verifying your account, you’ll be able to place your first order, safe and easy. Subsequently, you are able to check your positions through the dashboard of your account.

Every order is bought immediately, resulting in instant physical coverage.

Would you like to learn more? Check our webpage How does it work?

What our customers say
Rajesh 41 years
stars 8/10
"Ideal platform to invest in gold and silver."

Buying gold is very easy. Through an article in Effect by the VEB, I was alerted to gold buying at DKgold. This is my first time investing in gold, but it is very easy, beyond my expectations.

Maarten 59 years
stars 9/10
"Very easy to invest with my own holding company."

I am very happy with my account at DKgold. Especially the prices, secure storage and sell-back guarantee are the most important points for me. Many thanks for the service!

Don 64 years
stars 8/10
"Great service, friendly people and a very good offer."

First purchase in silver on SALE. It couldn’t be simpler than this. Website is super clear. Truly an ABCs.

DKgold since 1825

Wealth preservation since 1825

Our experience dates back to 1825, the year in which Doijer & Kalff, was founded as an independent bank. Ever since 2010, Doijer & Kalff has ceased to be a bank and transitioned to a private enterprise and established DKgold as our international branch.  Our core values, however, have remained the same.

So our knowledge and networking strength within the precious metals market are extremely well established. A DKgold account will allow you to invest in gold and silver in a safe and secure way. Investing in precious metals has never been easier.

DKgold operates under the permit of the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) of the Netherlands.

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