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With our account you are able to buy silver in a safe and secure way, free of VAT. Buying silver starts at a weight of 1 kilo. The silver bars will be stored in your name in the customs depot of Brink’s in Zurich, Switzerland.

DKgold has been offering wealth preservation since 1825.

  • Silver bars without VAT
  • Stored in your name
  • In one of the safest vaults in the world
  • With full sell-back guarantee

Buying physical silver

Purchase premium starting at €22,- per kilo
Upon selling you will receive up to 96% of the price of silver
Storage costs amount to 0.8% annually, with a minimum of €14.95 per quarter.

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Should I buy silver?

In recent years, the ECB has printed huge amounts of money, causing the value of the euro to drop sharply. Inflation these days is at 10%, meaning that if you have money in a savings account, you lose some 10% of your purchasing power every year.

A possible solution to this problem is buying silver. Silver needs to be mined and is therefore scarce. In addition, production mining has been declining for years while the demand for silver is on the rise. Because of these solid fundamentals, the price of silver has gone up by an average of 9.4% annually since 2000. The past few years have seen a shortage of silver.

The advantage of buying physical silver is that it cannot be printed. Buying silver means you choose to protect your purchasing power. It is therefore a smart thing to do, but there are also risks involved in buying silver. The price of silver is volatile and especially this aspect (also called price risk) does not fit the needs and wishes of every investor or saver.

During the past 16 years, the price of silver has gone down eight times. The declines and increases in value have been substantial. Two of the eight drops were above the 15%. In 2008, the silver price in euros dropped by 19.5% and in 2013 even by 38.5%.

During eight of those 16 years, the price of silver went up, five times of which with more than 15%. The best year was 2010, when the value of silver rose by 96.2%. In 2009, the price went up with 44.3% and in 2020 an investment in silver increased by 35.4%.

When you want to buy silver, you’ll have to take into account the volatility of its price.

Why would you buy silver?

There is a big difference between gold and silver. The industrial demand for silver is much larger than the demand for gold. Simultaneously, the silver market is much smaller than the market for gold. An increasing demand from the side of investors could drive up the price of silver. In 2011, the price of silver doubled within a period of 12 months. And in March 2020, the silver price started going up from €360 per kilo, reaching €800 in February 2021.

Besides the potential development of the silver price, there are additional reasons for buying silver. Learn more about the three most important reasons for our customers to purchase silver.

Silver is an indispensable raw material

Silver is a necessary material for the production of electric cars, solar panels, laptops and phones. Nearly 60% of the demand for silver comes from the manufacturing industry. There’s only a relatively small quantity available for investors.

The mining of silver peaked in 2015. The number of discoveries of unknown underground reserves has been declining, while the demand for silver is on the rise.

Silver as a protection against inflation

Every year, you lose some 10% of your purchasing power as a result of inflation. The value of paper money is decreasing constantly.

Silver – like gold – keeps its purchasing power. Since 2004, the price of silver has gone up by an average of 10% annually.

During the past century, the purchasing power of the euro and the dollar has decreased by 98%.

Anticipating a financial crisis

The financial crisis of 2008 caused a general drop of value, including the value of shares, bonds and real estate.

But the price of silver went up, even more than the price of gold. Sooner or later another crisis will hit.

In 2009, the price of silver rose by 44% and the following year by no less than 96%!

Buying silver free of VAT

Silver is seen as a raw material and therefore there is 21% VAT on silver. But it is possible to buy silver without VAT. When you buy silver bars and have them stored in a customs warehouse, you can buy the silver VAT-free.

Buying silver bars without VAT is the best way to invest in silver. You buy silver for approximately 3% above the silver price. This 3% premium consists of the production costs of the silver bar, the costs of transport to the customs warehouse and a small margin.

This way you can buy safe and insured silver at a fair price. Another option is to buy silver coins. This method of purchasing silver is very expensive. The premium on a silver coin is currently around 40%, making an investment in silver via silver coins hardly profitable.

You will receive 37% more silver if you choose silver bars without VAT. On an investment of €10,000 that is about €3700. Silver bars are available from 1 kilogram. The storage costs are only €60 per year for an investment of €10,000.

At Doijer & Kalff we have more than 9,000 account holders who buy silver. When these customers sell silver back to us, there are no production costs or transport costs. The silver bars are already in the customs warehouse and this means we can offer them at a discount.

Account holders automatically receive an email when we have more than 15 kg of silver bars available on SALE. In the SALE you can buy silver without VAT at the best price in Europe. The premium in the SALE is around 0.6%.

Buying silver in a wise way

Physical silver: return on investment


During recent years, investing in silver has been very profitable. Since 2007, investments in silver (in euros) have gone up 8.1% on average annually.

This makes silver one of the best performing assets. The price of silver is volatile, as opposed to the price of gold.

This volatility does not suit every investor. For the investor who does not have a problem with volatility, however, buying physical silver offers many opportunities.

Return on investment of physical silver (in euros):

  • 2016 -> +20,9%
  • 2017 -> -6,7%
  • 2018 -> -5,2%
  • 2019 -> +19,2%
  • 2020 -> +35,4%
  • 2021 ->  -5,6%
  • 2022 -> +9,1%
  • 2023 -> -3,6%
  • 2024 -> +28,1% per 17-06-2024
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With your DKgold account you are able to buy silver against very competitive prices and free of VAT. Easy and fast!
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Once you’ve logged in, you are able to indicate in the dashboard how many kilos you would like to buy. Subsequently, you choose a method of payment and pay for your order.

Through the dashboard of your account, you are able to track the value and the return of your investment. If you wish to sell, you indicate how many kilos and then click on Sell.

Within five working days, we will transfer the proceeds to the bank account number that is linked to your DKgold account.

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Rajesh 41 years
stars 8/10
"Ideal platform to invest in gold and silver."

Buying gold is very easy. Through an article in Effect by the VEB, I was alerted to gold buying at DKgold. This is my first time investing in gold, but it is very easy, beyond my expectations.

Maarten 59 years
stars 9/10
"Very easy to invest with my own holding company."

I am very happy with my account at DKgold. Especially the prices, secure storage and sell-back guarantee are the most important points for me. Many thanks for the service!

Don 64 years
stars 8/10
"Great service, friendly people and a very good offer."

First purchase in silver on SALE. It couldn’t be simpler than this. Website is super clear. Truly an ABCs.

Buying silver through your DKgold account

We offer you the possibility of buying physical silver in a safe manner and against very competitive prices. Your account with us combines the traditional aspect of having your physical silver safe in a vault with the ease of an online account.

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