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Over the years DKgold has evolved into one of the largest suppliers of precious metals in all of Western Europe. Our reputation regarding discretion, safety and service is rock solid. DKgold is your reliable and stable partner for buying, storing and selling precious metals.


Since 1825

Doijer & Kalff was founded in 1825 as a small-scale and independent bank. Its core values have remained unchanged since that time: discretion, integrity and personal attention are paramount.

In 2010, Doijer & Kalff was continued by a group of private investors with respect for the restrained banking mentality of the past and future and established DKgold as our international branch. As a result, DKgold is known for its stable operations that are focused on the long term. This gives you the assurance that DKgold will honor its commitments – now and in the future.

We work exclusively with parties that have been selected through our strict selection policy. These include not only refiners, storage partners and auditors but also suppliers in the areas of marketing, web development and technical development.

DKgold offers you the opportunity to invest in gold and/or to invest in silver in combination with secure and insured storage. DKgold operates under an license granted by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets since April 16 of the year 2013.

Our core values

DKgold focuses on service to its account holders. Clarity, integrity, safety and discretion are at the core of our business attitude. A good accessibility, competitive prices, sell-back guarantee, safety and security are core values that have been observed since 1825.

Personal attention

DKgold strives to build long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust. Personal attention is essential to our way of interacting with our customers. Our employees are committed and honest and focused on answering your questions with a high level of professionalism.

We will gladly take the time to inform you – without any obligation – about the possibilities of purchasing and storing gold and silver. After that, it is up to you to decide which products best suit your needs and wishes.

Safety guaranteed

DKgold sells gold and silver bars in combination with insured and secure storage. All of your positions are stored in your name at Brink’s in Switzerland.

You are the legal owner of the gold and silver bars. We offer full sell-back guarantee of your gold bars against 99% of the price of gold, and your silver bars against 96% of the price of silver.

Integrity & discretion

DKgold ensures that confidential information remains confidential. The purchase of precious metals sometimes involves large sums of money.

That is why you choose a reliable partner with a lot of experience. We handle your orders safely and discreetly.

History behind DKgold

In 1825, Doijer & Kalff was founded as a small-scale independent bank. Even at that time, Doijer & Kalff was known to be a reliable, independent keeper of valuables and a specialist in the field of precious metals.

The core values of Doijer & Kalff and DKgold have remained the same: discretion, integrity and personal attention.

DKgold in history

A bit of history

Much has changed since the first days, especially in the monetary system. After nearly 200 years, the gold and silver standard has been abolished, with enormous inflation as a result.

The prices as they were 100 years ago are nothing compared to current price levels. But precious metals have remained the same. The Gold Price and Silver Price, however, has risen considerably.

Doijer & Kalff has not fundamentally changed during the past 200 years. We’ve been offering you security since 1825.

Article from 1825 of DKgold

The vault

The gold  is stored in the vaults of Brink’s in Zurich, Switzerland. The silver bars are stored in vaults in the customs depot of Brink’s in Zurich and for that reason we are able to offer you the silver free of VAT.

The vault is located behind a huge steel door weighing thousands of kilos and has thick concrete walls. It is equipped with the most modern security features: cameras, sound and movement sensors, alarms and trained personnel.

The vault at DKgold

The DKgold management

Our team consists of specialists who all have an affinity with precious metals. Preserving value and securing family assets is of the utmost importance in our firm.

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Reinoud Bogert

Reinoud Bogert


The special thing about DKgold is that actually all our customers think the same about money. Precious metals are the solution.

Corné van Drogenbroek

Corné van Drogenbroek


Through time, DKgold has been a reliable and trusted partner for many investors and savers. It’s only getting better!

Jaap Zeeuw van der Laan

Jaap Zeeuw van der Laan


At DKgold we combine the banking mentality of the past with the scalability of today.

Reinier van Bergen

Managing Director

In a unique way, DKgold offers all its customers reliability, discretion and the possibility of preserving (generational) wealth.

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