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Corporate investing in precious metals with DKgold

Corporate investments in precious metals

Are you interested in corporate investments in precious metals? Purchasing gold and silver on behalf of your company? We will gladly inform you about the best way to invest in gold for corporate purposes or to invest in silver. We will tell you where VAT comes into the picture and what the return on investment of both precious metals has been recently.

Invest in gold and silver with your company

Why would you buy precious metals with your company?

When you currently have euros in your savings account, for instance that of your holding company, you lose more than 10% annually. Inflation negatively affects your purchasing power and right now the bank does not pay any interest on your savings account balance.

Your company’s capital should grow! Entrepreneurs are therefore looking for an alternative. Corporate investments in gold and silver could be the answer.

Corporate investments in precious metals have yielded average returns of more than 9% annually … a very good performance!

Precious metals have the advantage of being highly liquid. Gold and silver bought as a corporate investment could be sold easily and quickly. Within five working days, you will receive the proceeds of a sale on the bank account of your company.

Suitability of corporate investment

The euro and the American dollar are not backed by any physical commodity such as gold. During the past few years, the ECB and the FED have printed billions in order to stimulate the economy, resulting in a decreased value of these two currencies. The period of inflation that we are now witnessing is clear evidence of this.
As a result, more and more entrepreneurs are opting for corporate investments in precious metals. Preservation of capital is the main reason for this trend.

For your retirement planning

A corporate account with DKgold allows you to buy precious metals in the name of your company, easily and safely.
Precious metals are a good addition to your retirement planning. Gold is often considered a stable basis of wealth.

Silver is very volatile and therefore offers a lot of upward potential. As a result, many of our customers choose to buy both precious metals. They form a very strong combination.

Buying precious metals free of VAT

Silver bars are taxed with 21% VAT.

You are not allowed to deduct this VAT when you buy silver bars for your company, as they are not intended as a purchase for its primary process.

We buy silver bars that are subsequently stored in a customs depot. This enables you to buy and sell the bars free of VAT.

Investment gold is exempt from VAT.

Diversifying through precious metals

Gold and silver are a very profitable addition to your investments; to diversify your portfolio, as an alternative to a savings account or as an answer to a possible financial crisis.

For hundreds of years, gold has been a safe financial haven. In fact, gold is a hedge against the mismanagement of the central banks.

Physical gold and silver bars for your company

Start your corporate investment in precious metals with DKgold now

To be able to invest in precious metals in the name of your company, you need a DKgold account.

Many entrepreneurs have discovered the reliability of DKgold.

Opening a business account is easy and only a matter of minutes. You first open an account in your own name and then transfer the account to the name of your company.

Subsequently, we check who is ultimately responsible within the company and who the interested parties are. Once this process is completed, you will be given access to our platform.

In the dashboard of your account you will find the annual and quarterly statements.

The advantages of buying gold and silver through DKgold

The DKgold business account was developed specifically for companies wishing to invest in precious metals. With our account you will be able to purchase physical gold and silver, which will be stored in the name of your company. Secure and safe and with a full sell-back guarantee.

Corporate investments in precious metals

With our business account you will be able to purchase physical gold and silver on behalf of your company.

Both gold and silver are available as bars.

When you have a DKgold business account, the invoices and annual financial statements will be in your company’s name.

The bars are LMBA-certified; the highest standard in the market.

Corporate investments in precious metals … easy does it!

A business account enables you to buy silver bars in units starting from a weight of 1 kilo, while gold starts at 10 grams.

Your order will be executed in a matter of minutes. Once you have completed your order, we immediately buy the gold or silver.

This means that you are always buying physical gold and/or silver.

Sell-back guarantee for your precious metals

We offer a full sell-back guarantee for your precious metals, based on fixed prices. You will always know what percentages you’ll be getting back.

Once you’ve completed your selling order, we will transfer the proceeds to your company’s bank account within five working days

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