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Investing in precious metals

How does it work?

Buying gold and silver at DKgold is easy and possible in a safe manner. This page of the website explains how to create an account and how to buy gold and/or buy silver.

Gold bars how it works

Precious metals at DKgold

DKgold has made purchasing physical gold through the internet as easy as possible. You’re only a few steps away from becoming the owner of a gold or silver bar.

The bars are stored in your name in one of the most secure vaults in the world, those of Brinks in Zurich, Switzerland. Your precious metals are fully ensured against theft and damages.

We only trade in bars of the highest possible purity and quality. You are the legal owner of the precious metal.

Our account has been developed with knowledge, expertise and experience gained since 1825!

How do I start investing in precious metals?

1. Create an account for free

Click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT. You fill in your information and create a username and password. DKgold always asks for a phone number for two-step verification for your account to ensure security.

Before you may carry out a purchase, you must verify yourself. DKgold operates under an license and is therefore required by laws and regulations to verify your account with your identity.

You may do this immediately after creating your account or later when you are about to make a purchase.

After these steps, your account is created and you will enter your dashboard.

Welcome to DKgold!

Would you like to make corporate investments at DKgold? You may indicate this by adding the company name and Company Registration number in your details. The precious metal will then be stored under your company name.

2. Place an order and complete checkout

In your dashboard, click “Buy” or “Place Order.” In this overview you select gold or silver and the quantity or amount you wish to purchase. After confirming your order, you may pay via iDeal or bank transfer.

Your purchase is immediately purchased by us and will be delivered as soon as possible to Brink’s vault in Zurich, Switzerland.

You are now (partially) the owner of a physical gold or silver bar!

3. Monitor your positions

In your personal dashboard you easily keep track of your position(s) gold and silver. Your returns are tracked live!

Under Storage you are always able to view your registration and/or bar numbers. It is also possible to download this overview. In addition, you will receive quarterly and annual financial overviews. These are available under your “Documents”.

DKgold offers a sell-back guarantee. You are always able to sell your gold or silver back to DKgold. By clicking on “place order” you may sell your gold or silver in the sales page. After confirmation, DKgold will deposit the money into your bank account within 5 working days.

Safe storage

Create your account

At DKgold you are able to choose two different types of account for purchasing precious metals: the Trade Account and the Wealth Account.

The Trade Account enables you to buy and sell gold in units of 10 grams each and silver in units of 1 kilo each. The storage costs for gold are 0.15% and for silver 0.2% of the replacement value per quarter.

Creating a Wealth Account is possible from a total position of €100,000 in purchasing value. A Wealth Account allows you to buy and sell gold per 500 grams or a multiple thereof. Silver could be bought and sold in units of 10 kilos (or a multiple thereof). The Wealth Account has a lower percentage in terms of storage costs. Insured storage of gold will cost 0.125% and silver 0.175% quarterly.

You could be apply for a Wealth Account through sending an e-mail to

Buying precious metals through your DKgold account

DKgold offers you the opportunity to buy physical gold and silver in a safe manner and against the best prices. Your account combines the traditional aspect of physical gold and silver stored safely in a vault with the convenience of handling your affairs online.

Purchasing precious metals against competitive prices

DKgold is your partner when it comes to the most competitive prices of investment gold and silver. By means of your account you buy or sell gold and silver bars starting from 10 grams (gold) or a multiple thereof. Our production and transportation fee starts at €5.50 per 10 grams.

Safe and reliable

Creating an account is a matter of minutes. It is of the utmost importance that you always choose secured and insured storage, combined with a sell-back guarantee. Carrying gold or silver with you while you’re out on the street is very risky. In addition, it is not possible to insure storage of precious metals at home (or in your office or anywhere else un-secured). And peace of mind during your holidays is what you want!

Our sell-back guarantee tells you in advance about the price you receive upon selling back your gold or silver and allows you to sell back at any given time. This is not the case when you store your precious metals in places outside the DKgold vaults.

Gold and silver SALE

When more customers are selling than buying their gold and/or silver, we have a surplus. In that case we offer the gold or silver to our account holders at prices just above spot price in the SALE!

Account holders will automatically receive an e-mail when gold or silver is added to the SALE.

In other words: as an account holder you have access to the best prices in the market!

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