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The Financial Markets Authority (AFM) is the regulatory body overseeing the financial markets in het Netherlands. This means that the AFM monitors whether financial service providers comply with laws and regulations and can take action when these regulations are not followed. The goal of the AFM is to ensure that financial services provided to consumers are done so in a responsible manner, and that the companies and individuals providing these services act with integrity, expertise, and reliability. The AFM also oversees that the information provided is accurate and understandable, and that consumers are not misled.

AFM Permit

DKgold operates under the permit of the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) of Doijer & Kalff. The permit is exclusively for storage in combination with the purchase of precious metals. This permit has been issued for the offering of financial services in the category of investment objects.

Investment Advice

It is not possible for us to provide you with independent advice on investing in precious metals and the risks associated with it.


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