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Complaint Procedure

We work with great enthusiasm and energy every day to provide quality service to you. If you are not pleased with our service we will do our utmost to meet your expectations. For this purpose, DKgold has set up a complaint procedure.

Our complaints procedure is transparent and measurable.


# You should make your complaint known to us by telephone or e-mail.


By phone (09.00 – 17.30): 0031 (0)10- 254 0080


# A mutual solution will be sought so that you remain a content customer.


# Should this be insufficient for you, please write to us to explain your complaint. Contact details:

Doijer & Kalff B.V.

Attn: Complaints department

‘s Gravelandseweg 19

Doijer & Kalff B.V.

Please clearly state in your letter what your complaint is and how you would like it remedied. We will review your complaint within 3 weeks with a written answer.


# If you are still dissatisfied you could contact Kifid (

This is an independent complaints institute where you are able download the a complaint form and submit it. You complaint must be submitted within 3 months.


# If you file a complaint it is possible to send a copy to Meldpunt Financial Markets. The AFM is able to decide whether we as a financial institution has violated the rules or to investigate our practices. The AFM will not provide any remarks to the complaint or offer a solution in the dispute.


# The Kifid will come up with an independent opinion on your complaint.


We are aware that this is a thorough procedure and will seek a solution with you as early as possible. Therefore, please make any inconvenience or complaint about our service known as early as possible.

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